NEWS 2018

Independent Day agility competition in Vastse-Kuuste was nice: speedy courses, frendly atmosphere, sunshine -15 cold outside and warm festive inside.
Essie run from four courses two clean agility runs:
 AG3, 1/12 (only 3 passed), speed 5,23 m/s, judge Stefi Praakli (Estonia)
AG3, 2/12, speed 5,56 m/s, judge Stefi Praakli (Estonia)

In agility competition in Maardus 17.-18.02.2018 Essie run three clean runs:
  • J3 17.02.18, 1/15, speed 5,18 m/s, judge Svetlana Zolotnikova VIDEO
  • J3 18.02.18, 2/15, speed 5,05 m/s, judge Svetlana Zolotnikova VIDEO
  • AG3 18.02.18, 3/15, speed 5,23 m/s, judge Svetlana Zolotnikova VIDEO

Agility competition in Vastse-Kuuste 10.-11.02.2018, judge Svetlana Zolotnikova (Estonia)

Astra AG1 3d place and Essie AG3 1st, 2nd and 3d place

Essie AG3 clean run, speed 5,62 m/s, 1st place

Essie AG3 clean run, speed 5,55 m/s, 2nd place

Essie J3 clean run, speed 5,29 m/s, 3d place

National Dog Show in Valga 4.02.2018, judge Galyah Litova (Bulgaria)
Oldywell Dots Dressed For Success (Darcy) is Best of Breed Baby (1PP BB)

International agility competition "Chicopee Cup 2018" in Panevezys (Lithuania) 21.01.18, judge Antonin Grygar (CZ)
Essie run clean J3 with speed 5,07 m/s and A3 dsq, III place
Open agility I place and first LTU CACAg

Astra run very nice clean Open course. But first time in my life I satrted course without the judge's permission. Some misunderstanding by me. Must to be more careful in the furure. Astra got in AG1 3rd place in mini-medi category. Crazy jack did megahigh jump from seesaw.


New 2018 year started well. In agility competition 13.-14.01.2018 in Vaste -Kuustes, judge Lidia Belyaeva (Latvia) on the first day Essie run two clean runs - jumping 5,29 m/s and IV place and agility 5,69 m/s I place - and on the second day we had nice run in first agility course 5,6 m/s, one mistake on seesaw, I place).

Vile agility competition 14.01.2018, AG3, judge Lidia Belyaeva, I place, 5,6 m/s, one mistake

In same competition 13.01.2018 Margit and Oldywell Best Choice Benjamin aka Benji started with A1. They got first clean run and III place. Congratulations and good luck!

NEWS 2017
Merry Christmas and Happy New 2018 Year!!!

Non-official Finnish Chanpionship for Parson Russell Terriers in Lohja, judge Mira Pihjalamäki. Essie participated as a guest competitor, because only Finnish dogs could compete for the PRT champion title. Essie won in open class (1/25).

Agility competition in Lieto 9.12.17 - Essie ran clean course with speed 5,05 m/s (1/18), judge Jari Suomalainen

Also one dsq, one jumping run with mistake and refusal (of course handler's fault) and speedy agility run 5,32 m/s (4/17) with mistake on seesaw - RC are something to work on and on...

Helsinki Winner 2017 international Dog Show - Party Nonstop Estelle EX, SQ (10 entries in champion class), judge Karin Bergbom

Independence Day of Finland agility competiton 6.12.17 in Vantaa, judge Janne Karstunen (Finland) - Essie clean run, speed 5,12 m/s, 1st place (1/24)

Our emergecy run :)

Agility competition "Aukštaitijos taurė 2017" in Panevezys (Lithuania) 19.11.2017, judge Paolo Rebasti (Italy)
Open jumping - Essie run clean run with speed 5,35 m/s, II place

A3 - Essie run clean run with speed 4,82 m/s (third speed in all calsses) and got our first CACiAG!

International agility competition "Nasrai cup 2017" in Harmony Park (Lithuania) 28.-29.10.2017, judge Bernd Hueppe

Oldywell Prima Astra
28.10.17 A1 class 3d place and clean run in Open Jumping-I and pass to the final
Party Nonstop Estelle

Essie run on the weekend five clean runs with nice spee - two juming cources and three agility courses.

Astra and Essie got 2nd places in final!

Some our runs

Very nice competition place and organizing, fast and interesting courses from judge. Thank you! We enjoyd it.

Party Nonstop Estelle (Essie)
Agility competition in Maardu 21.10.17
two clean jumping course 2x1st place and 2d in agility course.
Judge Anne Tammiksalu (EST)

Party Nonstop Estelle (Essie) is Finnish Agility Chempion!

Unofficial obedience competition for beginners Võru Cup 2017 in Põlva 30.09.2017, judge Mari Oblikas, handler Kristiina Ilves.
Endy I stage 99 points and frst place.
Bonnie II stage 98 points, first place and special prize for the best speed.
In agility competition in Maardu 23.09.2017 Essie run 2 clean course. Result is 2 x II places.

Valga Dog Club's unofficial puppies and young dogs obedience competition
Endy  participated  well and  achieved  I place with 100 points. Bonnie got 100 points and II place. Jude 
Marika Mikk . Handler Kristiina Ilves.

Party Nonstop Estelle (Essie) is Estonian Agility Chempion!

New champion in our kennel!
Oldywell Best Choice Bonfire is Estonian Junior Champion!

3.09.2017 III group show in Paide, judge Harry O`Donaghue (Ireland)

Oldywell Best Choice Bonfire

Parson russell terrier Party Nonstop Estelle is Lithuanian, Latvian and Baltian Champion!

Agility competition in Luige. Essie run on Saturday clean jumping run and won the course. On Sunday in international competition Jumping+Agility we got III place.


Kristiina and Bonnie participated on the obedience competition for young dogs in beginners class. This time the competition was held in Saaremaa. Result - 1st place with 98p!

Smooth litter D are born!!! Parents are Artie and Elly.

20.08.2017 were born six puppies: five males and one female.


National All Breeds Show in Sulbi (Võrumaa, Estonia)
12.08.2017 judge Ligita Zake (Latvia)
13.08.2017 judge Vija Klučniece (Latvia)
Both days BOSJ Jun CAC BOS!!!

In agility competition in Veskimetsa Essie run 3 clean runs.
First agility course A3 clean run with speed 5,24 m/s and I place (1/15), next agility course DSQ, third jumping course clean run with speed 4,70 m/s (5/18) and last jumping course clean run with speed 5,39 m/s II place (2/18). Judge Inga Järv (Estonia).

Kristiina ja Bonnie competed on Saturday at unofficial obedience competition for young dogs and got II place with 97points.

Litter C are born!!! Parents are Jango and DD.
3.08.2017 were born four puppies: three males and one little female.

--20. ja 22.-23.07.2017--
In agility competition  20.07.17
in Tampere (Finland)
Essie run two clean runs.
Judge Salme Mujunen (FIN)
The result of one course is III place and
Finnish agility certificate!

Little Astra had third official competition in Mikkeli. She was  pretty good.
22.07.17 judge Allan Mattsson (FIN) J1 III place and 23.07.17 judge Anne Savioja (FIN) two agility courses A1 two first palces.

Bonnie managed to score 1st place in midi-medi class at non-official agility competition Säde Cup 22.07.17 in Tartu!

17.07.2017 parson russell terrier Party Nonstop Estelle is Estonian Champion!


Moravia Open 2017

7.-9.07.17 we had enjoyable weekend in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. Essie and Astra participated first time in so big international agility competition.
I am so proud of my girls. Essie (prt Party Nonstop Estelle almost 2, 5 years old) started to compete in December 2016, in A3 class from the end of January 2017 and for Astra (jrt Oldywell Prima Astra 2,5 years old) MO was only second official competition.

Essie’s results were nice:
on Friday and Saturday very nice dogwalk,
on Saturday clean run in Jumping and getting to the Grand Final, two nice runs in agility trials (mistakes because of me, of course) and clean run in Grand Final 6/30,
on Sunday two agility trials with mistakes on dogwalk,
two dsq on Friday A3 course and on Sunday last jumping course.

Astra also made perfectly all contact zones on Friday and Saturday. On Friday she got in A1 3d place. In open trials we got dsq-s, but some parts of the courses were very nice and I am glad of it.

Moravia Open is great competition. Super organizing, great work of judges - Zsofi Biro, Jan Egil Eide, Petr Pupík, Bernd Hueppe, interesting and challenging courses, great handlers and dogs, nice atmosphere! I am grateful for this!

Thank you my travel companions Tiina and Ingrid. You are cool

Estonian Championship and agility competition in Kääriku 10.-11.06.2017
Check our results in the videoclip

Yes!!! We did it! Today 21.05.17 FT Blood Trial Oldywell Prima Astra (Astra) III rank and Party Nonstop Estelle ( Essie) II rank!
Judge Ivar Lints

Astra and Bonnie were successful in tunnels competition for beginners 14.05.17 in Viljandi. Astra I place and Bonniel II place. Small little girls ran quite quickly : first trial - Astra with speed 5,87 m/s and  Bonniel 5,22 m/s; second trial Astral 5,68 m/s and Bonniel 5,32 m/s.

Essie's clean run, agility competition in Viljandi 14.05.2017, AG3, speed 5,06, judge Rolli Schiltz (Luxemburg).


Essie's clean run, agility competition in Jõulumäe 6.05.2017, AG3, speed 5,03, judge Esa Muotka (Finland).


Essie was doing well in agility competition Riga Mayor's Cup 29.04.-1.05.2017
Check it out in the videoclip

Agility competition in Maardu 1.04.17.
The first time in the first place in AG3 trial with Essie. Judge Inga Järv. Speed 4,8 m/s.

11.03.17 youngsters celebrated together one year birthday in Tartu. Bandit, Benji, Bjorn and Bonnie run tunnels and enjoyed sunny day running on field.
More pictures in the GALLERY.

-- 26.02.2017--
Nice results from Estonian Jack Russell Terrier Society Top JRT 2016 competition

Kennel Odywell - Top Breeder, II place

Oldywell Best Choice Bonfire
- Top Show JRT,

  Top JRT female puppy 2016, I place

LTU JCH Ultra Elegance
- Top Show JRT,

Top JRT female puppy 2016, II place

LTU & EST JCH Oldywell Divine Art
- Top Show JRT,

Top JRT male junior 2016, I place

SVN & CZE JCH Jesse James Admiko
- Top Show JRT,

Top JRT show male 2016, III place

LTU & EST JCH Oldywell Prima Astra
- Top Show JRT,

Top JRT female junior 2016, III place

Top JRT show female 2016, II place

Estonian Champion  Endy Admiko

-- 21.02.2017--

Head uudised! Oldywell Divine Art ja Ultra Elegance geenitestide tulemused on leiuta.

DNA tests results 17.02.17
Late Onset Ataxie (LOA) N/N
Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) N/N
Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) N/N

-- 18.02.2017 --

Ulta Elegance
Rahvuslik koertenäitus Panevezyses (Leedu)

18.02.2017 "Aukštaitijos Žiema 2017", avaklasskohtunik Ana Ivanova (Leedu) - SP1, PE3, SERT, Show Winner

--- 5.02.2017---

Meie pesamuna Bonfire debüüt tunnelite võistlusel on kiire ja edukas. Kiireid jalgu perenaisele :)

--- 22.01.2017 ---

Paar päeva enne kaheaastaseks saamist jooksis Essie A3!
Agilityvõistlustel Heimtalis 22.01.2017, kohtunik Stefi Praakli (Eesti)

---  6.-8.01.2017 ---

Magdalena Ziolkovska 3-päevane seminar LAGSAK klubis Lätis

Aasta 2017 algas minu ja Essie jaoks sportlikult.
6.-8. jaanuaril, trotsides külma (kuni -26) treenisime rahvusvahelises seltskonnas agilitykoolitaja Magdalena Ziolkovska (Poola, One Mind Dog koolitaja) juhendamisel. Treeningud toimusid Zaķumuiža treeninghallis. Agilityseminaril oli juttu koera juhtimisest ja händlingu põhitõdedest, harjutasime põnevaid ja kiireid radu.
Fotod: Juris Maurans ja Svetlana Kravtchenko

--- 5.01.2017 ---

Neljapäeval, 05.01 toimus Tartu Lasteaias Rukkilill lemmikloomapäev – koer on lapse sõber. Külas käisid Natali ja kaks terjerit – Endy ja Essie. Koerad näitasid erinevaid trikke, suhtlesid lastega. Natali rääkis lastele,kuidas läheneda võõrale koerale , kuidas treenida ja toita koeri.