Born 30th of November 2008
Smooth tricolour
Height 32 cm
Correct and full teeth
Eye examination 25.02.2011 clear PLL, PRA, RD, HC
Knee examination 25.02.2011  PL 0/0
Results: agility A3
hunting test FT Blood Trial III rank (68 p)
Estonian Kennel Unionbreed register (Oliver)

 Api Boule
Olli 4 years old

Oliver is an incredibly vital, super-fast, smart and cooperative working terrier.
Oliver's parents are from France.  His mother Bora (EKL register Boule) has given overactive puppies. His father Api is a very cool male with a serious state.
Oliver has FCI pedigree.  He is not stud-dog. Oliver participated in an official dog show only once and two judges gave him a rate good and very good.

Oliver before show in October 2013

Olli stays like that very seldom. He move all the time. I could take picture, because other dog walked outside.

Olli's head has particular shape , but I am sure - he is wise guy.

Oliver is smart and fast guy since a very young age. This terrier has mindless willpower and unfailing energy. He enjoys speed and action! Also, he’s highly interested in thinking tasks and he gladly learns new tricks and exercises. This dog is motivated by activity. Clicker, toys or treats are secondary – teamwork with his owner is the best reward for him. Oliver isn’t an easy dog. He is a Terrier with a capital letter: stubborn , dominant, independent. However he is very attached to his family and keeps guard over them. Oliver has successfully competed in advanced agility A3 level.
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märts 2013